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Winning through data?
- at Insights we optimize your business by boosting your data journey with the help of our platform Data Impact Navigator

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Individually tailored to each individual - for the very best results. 

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The experience creates a space with high professionalism, integrity, and qualified sparring, which is of great value for the further strategic journey for SOS International. 

Troels Bohnsen, Head of Group Business Intelligence, SOS International

Our philosophy

Enable and develop those who build a more data-driven future


    A unique and automated process enabling transformation leadership


    A strong network within tech and transformation capabilities


    A research-based process enabling a data-driven business model 


Our services 



Data Impact Navigator

Your tool when accelerating business 

What makes us unique?

Data Impact Navigator is a platform developed by our team that helps your company generate Data Strategy in a box and thrive.



Thanks to that, we are able to identify data problems and provide rapid effects over just weeks rather than half or full years - fast,  efficient,  and insightful solutions. 

Our unique team

quality education

We are proudly meeting 2 out of 17 UN Sustainable Goals

In order to make our team more international and diverse, we are proud to include students in our organization. Thanks to that, we all learn from each other and create a unique workspace that is established on respect and gender equality.
gender equality

We are proudly meeting 2 out of 17 UN Sustainable Goals

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We are always looking for new strong and experienced partners with the possibility of ownership. At the moment we are primarily looking for data architects and Microsoft Azure competencies . Connect with us via LinkedIn.